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Earn Rewards For Your Everyday Internet Usage!

  • Easy to Register
  • Earn Initial and Ongoing Rewards
  • From Australia’s Most Trusted Consumer Research and Survey Provider

Why This Is A Great Offer

Nielsen is a leading global consumer research organisation and a trusted name in Australian surveys. By participating in the Broadband Panel, you’re helping to shape the future of Australia’s broadband network.

What You’ll Earn

  • An activation incentive of $30 after completing your first month
  • An ongoing incentive of $5 per month as long as you remain on the panel
  • Automatic entry into the monthly raffle draw for a chance to win $1,000

How It Works

  1. Sign Up—Answer a short registration form
  2. Install the Device—Connect the device that Nielsen sends you to your router. It’s non-invasive and won’t slow your internet browsing.
  3. Download the App—Download a safe & secure app to your devices. It’s also non-invasive and won’t slow your internet browsing.
  4. Earn Rewards—Browse as you normally do and earn initial and ongoing rewards!
Broadband Panel